Because all gardening is local



I am constantly experimenting in the garden; I think I’ve found some techniques that work. But that is, they work for this area – the coastal plain of Southeastern United States. And then again, some experiments show that some things don’t work.

Lots of garden info is available for gardening, but a good deal of it is designed for the North. Gardening in the South presents some unique opportunities, but also some unique challenges. All gardening is local!

At any rate, I’ll be sharing my own experiences on this blog; in the hopes that these will be of value to others. I have been gardening for over sixty years, in several different locations in eastern United States; both North and South and in-between.

I’ve also been in the pollination business for many years. In this business I’ve been a consultant and a supplier of pollinators for farmers who grow crops that need pollination. I’ve also served as a day laborer, farm manager, teacher, lay pastor, and newspaper editor.  I don’t know if I truly qualify as a Renaissance Man, but I certainly have many interests.

I’m retired now, but still keep actively involved in the information flow in pollination. I have been doing a blog on pollination at .  But a lot of my garden info isn’t directly related to pollination, so I felt another blog was in order. Some topics that overlap, I will post on both blogs.

My wife calls me The Old Drone, which probably isn’t too complimentary, because drones that fulfil their purpose in life don’t get old.

Welcome readers! Please feel free to comment on my posts if you have additional information, disagreements, or questions. Comments are moderated, so unrelated ones will be deleted. But I won’t delete your comment just because you disagree. Make a good case for your point.

Does it need to be said; keep it clean and courteous?